Ealing School of Dance is run with the purpose of inspiring students to explore the exciting world of music, movement and creativity whilst giving students the opportunity to gain skills that will help them develop a love and understanding for the art of dance.

Our Story

Ealing School of Dance was originally founded in 2012, as Ealing Ballet School. In 2015, owing to a change of principal, it relaunched as Ealing School of Dance. Since the establishment of the new school we have opened new venues and strive to expand into a thriving school for training numerous dance styles, including: Ballet, Tap, Modern and Contemporary dance.


Megan Metts

principal of ealing school of dance


Megan trained from the age of three in the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Classical Ballet syllabi, completing all of her RAD graded and vocational examinations, and obtaining the Associate of the Royal Academy of Dance (ARAD) certification. At 19 she moved to London to begin her journey as a trainee ballet teacher, studying for three years at The Royal Academy of Dance HQ in Battersea, and graduated with a BA (Hons) Ballet Education degree in the summer of 2014.

During her studies Megan gained valuable knowledge and experience in the techniques of teaching ballet successfully and, alongside her studies she taught and assisted in ballet classes across London as well as choreographing for school productions.

Alongside being the principal of Ealing School of Dance, Megan is teaching elsewhere across central and west London. She still continues to develop her own ballet training and hone her teaching expertise through courses and seminars.

Being the principal of her own ballet school has been the start of the journey to fulfilling a life long dream, of building a successful dance school training students of all ages in various styles of dance and theatre arts.

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